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This hero spent two years without using andy Google products:

While it’s good to not use Google, we still need to get links to our sites in order to be profiteable. So we have created some profiles on alternative sites (not Big Tech) and went ahead and created profiles.

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Maduro Controlled Venezuela Still Aids FARC

Back some years ago, the communist dictatorship in Venezuela was seen with bias from the neo-marxist Universities and legacy media for many years. Swedish weapons-manufacturers seized the opportunity to sell weapons to a brutal communist dictator. These weapons later ended up in the hands of various narco-traffico groups like the Colombian FARC guerilla, and guarding drug smuggling routes of the ELN guerrilla.,,,,,,,,,,,

“We have asked how they believe drug the Maduro lead narco-trafficers, that currently control the Venezuelan army and bought the weapons material was later found used by other narco-trafico groups in Colombia,” said Jens Eriksson, a Swedish Military Industrial Complex lobbyist.

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